Saturday, August 18, 2012

Ae Mere Pyare Watan - Kabuliwala - manojphulwaria

Kabuliwala (काबुलीवाला) is a 1961 Hindi film based on a story, Kabuliwala, written by Bengali writer Rabindranath Tagore. It was directed by Hemen Gupta, who had remained private secretary to Subash Chandra Bose, and went on to direct many films including, Taksaal (1956), also starring Balraj Sahani, and his tribute Neta ji, Subash Chandra Bose (1966).

The film starred Balraj Sahni, Usha Kiron, Sajjan, Sonnu, Padma, Laxmi and Baby Farida. The film also has the classic patriotic song, sung by Manna Dey, Aye mere pyaare watan.
The singer [actor] here is W.M. Khan. [Information provided by my dear friend RealMusicKing. Thank you].

Music is by Salil Choudhury. Lyrics by Prem Dhawan and Gulzar........

this song is not about india or any one country in particular! this is about a man who loves his country and longs for it with a passion no matter where he is! EVERY PPERSON IN THIS WORLD CAN LEARN FROM THIS!

इस  खूबसूरत गीत के बारे में कुछ भी कह पाना मेरे लिये नितांत असंभव है ! बस इसको सुनते-सुनते मन भीगता जाता है और आँखें नम होती जाती हैं ! आप भी सुनिये !

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